Voxxed Day Luxembourg 2018

 This year, I had the pleasure to go back to Luxembourg in order to attend to the Voxxed Day Luxembourg third edition. I were at the previous edition too and was not disappointed in this one either.

Too shy to talk with various people the first time, I caught up this year, met interesting people and learned a lot about distributed architecture and new technologies.

The Voxxed day is derived from the Devoxx which is a conference on 3 days, but as its name say, it is condensed in one days following the same kind of format and the same kind of conferences. It is a very generalist conference that aim to be up to date with new technologies and software architecture. J


My life in a nutshell:

Ok, first of all I really wanted to attend to this conference since the beginning of the year, booked hotel, airplane tickets 3 month before… And my plane got cancelled because of bad weather, which made me take my car for a 10 hour trip to Luxembourg (passion or craziness, you are free to pick your choice). And yet, I am not disappointed in doing so



The conference happened in Casino 2000 at “Mondorf-les-bains”, in the south of Luxembourg the 22th June (a Wednesday).

Watching talks there was very pleasant, the conferences rooms where quite big and the proposed talks were interesting enough to not have over saturated room. As for the previous editions, the local enterprises were almost all sponsoring the event, with SFEIR and Expertiz as main sponsor and BIL, Accenture and other as important sponsor. Sadly, seems like Amazon which is an important Luxembourg actor, still doesn’t plan on doing events sponsorship nor talks.

Global information about VoxxedDays lu :

Their website https://voxxeddays.com/luxembourg/

Their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPLFcPPtjRCVVa4yxm-EEgA

Their twitter : https://twitter.com/voxxed_lu


Unfortunately, during conferences, we have to do a choice, and that is why I cannot talk about every talks that happened, but the video are all already uploaded on their YouTube channel, so do like me and check it out!


The Keynote:

“Le jaillisement de l’esprit” … This keynote, I heard about this talk from the Devox France, apparently it was an interesting one. And it was certainly one of the more inspiring talk I ever had the chance to attend to. Sebastien Blanc, Red Hat engineer and passionated by teaching software programing to the children came with its own, Saskia 12yo and Loïs 9yo, for a talk about how to give the passion for software development  to your children.

As a premise, I have to say that I don’t have children, but still has been completely into this presentation. Those children were impressive speaker (better than me at least :p), doing jokes and coding stuff.

The naming of their talk come from a famous book, the Mindstorm, written by Seymour Papert, the creator of a programming language for children, the LOGO.

The talk was about showing how Saskia and Lois, even though being really young, could model object firstly in LOGO, then in Scratch and finally in Groovy which is a language syntactically very close from JAVA.

If you have children, it is a must see presentation J

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGE25AhMmZU&index=2&list=PL4PrrYCV-zckveY3702SslBPKSmeQT5lw


First Talk: Serverless, 2 year of experience return.

This talk presented by Ludovic Piot, Laurent Doguin and Adrien Blind which are three co-workers from Clever-Cloud, an enterprise specialized in PaaS (Platform as a Service) providing serverless platform to their customer.;

I didn’t know very well the serverless notion. It has become a buzzword word which has been re-used in a marketing way which made it lose its sense (as for the Agile term) at least for me. And this talk was very interesting, explaining clearly the differences between PaaS, FaaS (Function as a Service). The reason why it is a good thing to have a serverless platform (economic and technical point of view).

Interesting for beginner into the matters (like me)

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x6LaYk5PP0&list=PL4PrrYCV-zckveY3702SslBPKSmeQT5lw&index=4


Second Talk: Modern API Authentication 101

A talk presented by Leo Unbekandt, self-called hacker and also the CTO of a PaaS provider called Scalingo for 4 years.

In this talk, an explanation of the different naïve way to implement a token authentication and explaining how to improve it with OAuth2 and JWT (Json Web Token). An interesting talk overall, explaining in detail the different interaction during an OAuth2 authentication (which is certainly unknown by most people).

The basic is covered during the first half of the talk, and interesting questioning about the refresh token that could be a security flow for the JWT token which has a short life time.

Unfortunately a technical issue occurred during the talk, which implied that it has not been uploaded on YouTube (a hint about the technical issue; some sparkle appeared from the microphone).

This talk is one of the reason I like VoxxedDays, if you don’t know the subject, you can still go watch the talk as the basic is explained (briefly or not depending of the talk) but still make you able to understand when the subject go into further details.


Quickie Talk (15 min)

Presentation of lot of UNIX tools (by Siegfried Ehret, which is doing everything with his terminal, even his browser). Very funny and can be very useful, here a little list of the tools I think interesting:

  • poneysay: obviously needed, display a pony when a terminal is launched
  • wifimenu: selection of the wifi to connect to from the terminal
  • ranger: file explorer that can visualize images
  • feh: visualize image from terminal, lightweight.
  • zatura: pdf viewer
  • mpd: daemon for music
  • ncmpcpp: read music, thanks to mpd as daemon, the soft can be killed afterwards
  • z jump/z folder : directory move helper (really useful)
  • httpie: curl like (cleaner to use)
  • mpv: video player


Understand Linux container by doing one from scratch

This talk has been a pleasure to watch (at least for me). It was a very low level presentation done by Alessio Coltellacci, System developer at Clever Cloud. After a very brief explanation of what is a syscall, we can understand how Docker container are done. What they really are, what they really do.

This talk can be hard for people not interested in low level programing, anyway it is a good talk for people wanting to at least have a grasp of what is a container. Docker is so famous now that the word itself is way overused, watching this talk make you understand one thing, which is one of the last sentence of the talk :

“Un containeur n’est au final qu’une application, on lui a mis un bandeau sur les yeux et on lui dit <<Tu ne vois pas ça>> ”

«A container is, at the end, only an application on which we put a blindfold and say <<you cannot see that>> »

Good talk, watch it:



Rewrite the web with RUST and WEB ASSEMBLY

I am not fan of front end development, but still the usage of rust made me interested in this talk.

I couldn’t say if it is or not useful, but the performance improvement Geoffrey Couprie, Clever Cloud developer (again clever cloud :o) showed us is real. He is convinced that web assembly is going to be the future of the web. Which would make me glad (c++ and rust development ~).

Let’s see if he can convince you too:



This was the last talk I attended, as I said I did 10 hours by car at night to come there, and as the last talks didn’t particularly interested me, I preferred to stay with some people talking and drinking hot coffee (yeah, it is in the north, it was quite cold)



Finally, it was clearly a very interesting conference, and I am going to watch all the other talk I couldn’t see by myself.

The Luxembourgish community is quite small, everyone knows each other which make it a very friendly conference in which everyone is welcomed. And when you get to know just one person, you are going to know every single person attending (I am exaggerating a bit, but still J).

I will be back there next year and hope to see you there too.

Quentin balland