Localisation : Bruxelles

Niveau d’expérience : 2-5 ans

Disponibilité : ASAP

Type de contrat : CDI

Descriptif du poste :

The scrum master spends most of its time helping the various stakeholders in the squad/tribe to communicate, coordinate and cooperate. In general, she/he assists the squad/tribe in delivering their goals by ensuring a smooth environment and facilitating continuous improvement. The scrum master helps the squad to self-organize / manage, and reinforces scrum / agile practices within the squad/tribe. She/he can take also in charge specific projects handled according to the scrum methodology. A knowledge of BI is required to ensure that the scrum master can manage efficiently impediments. Therefore we expect that the scrum master will go to the content to be able to support her/his squad.

Missions :

– Supports the Product Owner in her/his work by facilitating healthy dynamics within the squad/tribe with a focus on respecting priorities and scope. Responsible, with the Product Owner, of the development of the Squad/Tribe Road Map
– Organizes coordination and collaboration within the squad/tribe and with internal / external stakeholders with a view to implementing the annual strategic plan and the road map tribe
– Organizes the sprints on a biweekly basis according to the priorities set by the Product Owner.


– The Scrum Master is responsible for judging the maturity of the squad at all times to make it evolve to higher levels of maturity while ensuring that this evolution remains durable
– Lead the squad’s efforts towards efficiency
– Proactivity concerning the development of the competences of the team and each of its members


– Follows and realizes deliverables agreements and monitors / manages the interdependencies (planning, execution, dependency management, etc.) between the various stakeholders of the tribe in order to ensure the delivery of the products
– Has the authority to make decisions about intersquad obstacles
– The scrum master communicates with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate communication and information. It also protects the tribe / squads from unexpected labor injections.
– Encourages knowledge sharing
– Collaboration with the Product Owner and the Scrum Master of the other tribes in order to
manage the potential interdependencies (especially before the Planning Day).


– Eliminate obstacles or guide the tribe so that it can eliminate these obstacles (contact of the right people). The scrum master proactively solves problems so that the tribe can remain focused on its goals.
– Facilitates discussion, decision-making and conflict resolution by building an environment of
trust and security in which everyone dares to express themselves without fear.
– Has enough BI knowledge/background to be able to understand the content to support the squads. She/he has to demonstrate her/his willingness to understand the context, the issues, impediments faced by tribe/squads


– Squad/Tribe coaching in self-organization and follow-up of agile / scrum practices.
Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the agile methodology at the level of the tribe: organization of ceremonies scrum of scrums, demos
– Encourages the development of a collaborative and autonomous team: Using persuasion rather than authority, asking questions rather than affirmations, helping the team solve its problems rather than solving them. A positive attitude, empathy and pragmatism: listening and supporting the team in solving problems, creating an environment of trust conducive to honesty and openness.

Profil :

Experience :
Min 3 years in BI/Data projects
Already worked in Agile mode
Experience in project management

Soft skills :

– Commitment and positive attitude are key behaviours
– Excellent communication skills (written, spoken)
– You are autonomous, pro-active and capable of pragmatism
– Thirst for knowledge: Agile is about learning and adapting. Knowledge sharing is key to success.
– Goal of team success: Agile is about the success of the team, not individual success or heroic behaviour. It is more important for the team to succeed than for the individual to have completed his/her tasks.
– Beyond the roles: Agile teams are cross-functional. All required disciplines are represented in the team (analysis, development, testing, … ). However, although team members have a primary role representing a discipline, they are expected to take on other roles and contribute to other disciplines whenever it helps towards reaching the sprint goal. This must be organized on ad hoc basis by scrum masters.
– You’re resolutely solution-oriented and you aren’t afraid to tackle complex issues.
– Eager to deliver

Ce poste est ouvert, à compétences égales, aux personnes en situation de handicap.

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