Since a few months,
is making a technological shift thanks to a redesigned Technical Department. The arrival of our CTO
Johann Barbier
in 2019 has provided the impetus both to set up the first communities of practice and to strengthen our technological positioning centered on four areas of expertise:

  • Software 💻
  • DevOps & Cloud ☁
  • Big Data & AI 🤖
  • Cybersecurity 🔒

Around these poles, communities of practice are organized with
Jessica Doukhan
Alex Loginov, CISSP, CAS
, Practice Managers respectively on DevOps & Cloud and Cybersecurity. Sharing feedback, technology watch, participation in technical events; all of Klanik’s collective intelligence at the service of its employees and partners! At the heart of this organization, experts such as Julien De Freitason the Cloud and
Eric Filiol
in Cybersecurity, come and share their experience and know-how. Discover very soon the portraits of this team!


Stay tuned 🔜