Type of contract: CDI

Company presentation:

Klanik is an innovative consulting company specialized in IT and engineering with over 500 employees. Klanik built its success by embracing a new management model. Our consultants have the opportunity to involve themselves as actors within the company through 3 programs:

  • Act’in Klanik – a catalog of roles which allows each consultant to take part in Klanik’s development and to be rewarded according to their involvement;
  • Knowledge Centre – an internal training center for the consultants by the consultants;
  • Korner – a start-up incubator which supports consultants who want to live their entrepreneurial dream.

Klanik focuses on 4 main areas of expertise:

  • Application development, where we follow our clients on innovation and strategic subjects;
  • DevOps & Cloud, where we assist our clients on methodological and technical aspects;
  • Cybersecurity, where we assure and enhance the integrity, people, processes and assets by which Klanik achieves its greater mission;
  • Data & AI, where we help companies in processing their data without losing sight of the real business interest of their work.

By joining us, you will be part of a consultant centric company and evolve on innovative topics via our mobilized collective intelligence. Finding new talents and ensuring their wellbeing is essential to Klanik’s development.

Job description:

Our client is actively looking for a .NET development coach member of the QA Team to improve the coding practices inside teams (pull request, unit testing, branching strategy, code structure, continuous delivery, test automation opportunities, …).


• You will be working as an “embedded developer” in a Gsmart Product Development, Support and Maintenance team for +/- 70% of the time, and in that team execute also this role of “development coding improvements / coach” .

Every 1 or 2 quarters, you switch to another team for this role

• Drive the development quality guild: make decisions, coach and follow-up the

implementation of these decisions in the other teams. Document the practices

and provide guidance

• Participate in the team at the delivery and maintenance


• Strong communication skills

• Team player

• Fluent in Dutch (spoken) or French (spoken) and able to communicate in both

languages. Fluent in English (spoken and written)

• Ability to do bottom-up research for problem diagnostics

• Ability to work according to rules, standards and guidelines defined by the

Enterprise Architecture/Security Office

• Ability to communicate realistic predictions about the development work

• Ability to learn complex business models



• Identify, surface and openly discuss potential improvements

• Ability to coach junior and senior developers and lead by example

• Ability to translate development improvement initiatives in communication fit for the different stakeholders in the ICT management organization



• Collaboration techniques

• Mastery in Test Driven Development

• Automated testing techniques and tools (unit/integration testing, hexagonal architecture, autofixture, mocking, …)

• Branching strategies

• Modern software engineering practices and principles

• Continuous Delivery

• Story slicing, iterative analysis and development

• Scrum facilitation (retrospectives, standups, …)

• Deep understanding of modern software architectural patterns (CQRS/Microservices / SOA/..)

• OO and FP design

• Domain driven Design

• Legacy code rescue techniques

• Deep understanding of the software production process, specifically with agile processes



• Be able to work hands ‘on (code) mainly in C# (mastery required) but also in other

languages like TypeScript/Javascript and Sql

• Master the .Net framework (.Net & .Net Core)

• Affinity with our Technology stack (not all mandatory):

o APS.NET & ASP.NET MVC, Angular 12, WPF, Winforms, TypeScript & Javascript,


o API, WCF, TOAD, Oracle, NHibernate, Entity Framework, Ms SqlServer

• Affinity with build and deployment pipelines (cakefiles, powershell DSC,

azuredevops pipelines)

• Experience with messaging systems like RabbitMQ

• Basic understanding of Cloud Architecture (Azure)

Ad reference: MCO - .net coach