We are back with an exclusive topic. Today we focus on the hr partner job. Thank you nessrine for making us discover your daily work !

Can you present your job and explain what does it consist of ?

I am HR Partner at KLANIK. My work is to take part in the evolution of the company by intervening daily in the recruitment, follow up and the wellbeing of our co-workers.

Why did you choose this job and what has been your path to reach it ?

I have discovered human resources during my university studies in work psychology. There I have learned that recruitment is based not only on a methodology but also on a true non-biased view. These studies made me aware of the fact that the work goes beyond the signature of a contract.

Recruiting a person, is securing that it will benefit on long term both the co-worker and the company. To make it happen it requires daily actions. I have thus oriented my internship towards recruitment. I have worked for two consultancies before joining KLANIK 3,5 years ago.

Can you describe a typical day as HR partner ?

At KLANIK the HR Partner works in close cooperation with the Business Manager ( who is in charge of our clients).  This relationship is essential to the analysis of our recruitment needs. Then comes all the work around finding candidates in a competitive environment and that’s very challenging!

During the recruitment interview we discuss with the candidate about the elements that have motivated his path: studies and various jobs. The idea isn’t about focussing on competences but on the reasons that animate the candidate on doing his job and his will to carry on. The interview is also an opportunity to talk about KLANIK, to give our vision of consultancy and to inform the candidate what we can offer him so that he can develop within a long-term career and what do we expect from him.  Personal factors? It is the balance found between the various expectations that enables a real projection with our future co-workers.

It is thus natural that I intervene in the follow-up of a new co-worker at KLANIK. Personal and regular exchanges allow me to secure his integration, the balance between his needs and KLANIK’s offer and to put together common projects. These projects enable many of our co-workers to act in the organisation and the development of the company via AT IN KLANIK, KNOWLEDGE CENTER or the KORNER by example.

Finally, as HR how do you see the future development within this job ?

My position has enormously evolved since my arrival 3.5 years ago. I arrived at KLANIK with the frustration of having limited responsibilities within my previous positions. Very quickly, I could manage my work autonomously from a recruitment point of view. Again, very fast, I was put in relation with the coworkers whose follow-up lies currently under my responsibilities. I also felt the development on the transversal functions on which I was able to invest myself: putting in place internal tools, investment on transversal HR topics, setting up partnerships, … What I have quickly loved at KLANIK is this freedom to work on topics that interested me personally. I am convinced that this openness to employees’ initiatives allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. In addition to this, I manage the HR Partner team in Marseille.

My prospects in this business are clear as long as I am at KLANIK: Recruit employees who recognize themselves in our missions and in our business project, implement projects that relate to the quality of life at work and to the professional recognition, to have a successful team and specially to continue to learn and develop myself.