Since its creation in 2011, Klanik has maintained a different positioning compared to other consultancy firms. Based on the fulfilment of its co-workers and three indivisible values, #sharing #caring #excelling, Klanik now strengthens its commitments with a new program, KONSCIOUS.


This initiative echoes our CSR commitment and enables us to harmonize, unify and coordinate all the initiatives and policies which we have already undertaken for several years.  


Convinced that the current crisis through which we are living is changing and will change our ways of thinking and of working, from now on Klanik will integrate its commitments at the heart of its development strategy.






PANOPLI for a simple, sustainable procurement policy

For the past year, Panopli, a committed French player in the creation of sustainable and high-quality products, has supported us in the global management of our corporate gifting and in particular in the creation, stocking and distribution of our Klanik Box. Panopli is guiding us towards manufacturing with recycled materials and/or in environmentally sustainable conditions. Choosing to work with committed players in a sustainable and civic-minded approach echoes our cornerstone Konscious W/ Partners initiative. Plus, every order with Panopli finances tree planting through their partner Green Ethiopia; this tree planting also guarantees carbon neutrality. This is a partnership for concerted positive efforts for the planet.

98/100 – Gender Equality Index

At the heart of the Konscious w/ cornerstone commitment, Klanik supports and employs a robust equal opportunity policy. As such, with our current score of 98/100 on the Gender Equality Index, Klanik demonstrates its commitment and its determination. Through the five different indicators studied, we can now confirm that at Klanik there is only a 0,2% pay gap between women and men. In addition, there is no discrepancy between pay increases for women and men. Finally, when we look more closely at the situation for women returning from maternity leave, they have all been given increases. Proud of this 98/100 score in 2020, we must push forward with our efforts. We are aiming for 100/100 within three years. For equal work, equal pay! Visit our blog for more information.


* Publication of the index set out by decree 2019-15 of 8th January 2019, regarding Male/Female Salary Equality.

THE KOLLECTE - communicating from our heart

In 2016, a wonderful Made in Klanik initiative was born – and the Kollecte is still going strong today. The aim is simple but effective: to organise across all the Klanik agencies collections of items (toys, books and clothes) and also collective actions of solidarity such as blood donation. Every year, we find that our co-workers display the same undiminished drive and commitment, which makes generosity rhyme with solidarity.

In association with major national players, Klanik has already organised ten local campaigns across France. In 2020, in association with Secours Populaire (French Popular Relief), we are organising a Kollection of toys for underprivileged children and two blood Kollections, in Lyons and Montpellier for the EFS (French National Blood Service). With the Konscious initiative, our wish to develop our support for operations of solidarity, and the players behind them, will grow exponentially. We are open to all propositions that can aid us in this approach.