Atypik Company


A human enterprise

The challenge and desire to succeed often sideline a business’s human dimension.  At Klanik we have a different vision. Of course, the challenge is a vector of success, but to achieve that it is fundamental that we incorporate the means by which our co-workers can enjoy personal and professional fulfilment.

Our philosophy is simple: our co-workers must be placed at the centre of decision-making for the company to develop.

An innovative Business Model

Klanik is founded upon its employees’ well-being and fulfilment. This is why we have set up different programs to enable our consultants to achieve and to get involved at the heart of our business. They become the actors and builders of KLANIK’s development and success.


Sharing, Caring and Excelling are the values we share with our co-workers. We tailor our recruitment to meet and exceed project needs, by selecting our consultants for their personality and their potential. As part of our CSR policy, KLANIK undertakes to integrate those with disabilities. A personal point of contact is available for all co-workers to open a dialogue, to advise and to guide each person involved. Alongside this, KLANIK obtained a score of 94/100 (Female/Male Salary Equality index), which reflects the commitment undertaken many years ago to promote gender equality in the business.*

KLANIK holds MASE certification for the Provence agency. The goal of the MASE management system is to permanently and continually improve the health, safety and environmental performance of companies.

* Publication of the index set out by decree 2019-15 of 8th January 2019, regarding Male/Female Salary Equality.


KLANIK’s foundation in Marseille

KLANIK was born on 8th December 2011, following two key realisations: a lack of stability for co-workers and an almost non-existent feeling of belonging in their consultancy business.  KLANIK was created with the deep desire to address these two issues.

A former consultant, manager then director in an internationally successful consultancy agency, our founder wanted to integrate an innovative concept at the heart of KLANIK.

Convinced that a better world could exist, he drew inspiration from a simple idea: People create the most value when they are happy.

Innovative solutions

This premise gave rise to a new business model with the establishment of three structuring programs for the business, with the objective of ensuring co-worker fulfilment at work.

“Employee Centric”: at KLANIK employees are resolutely placed at the core of the business. Therefore, our clients benefit from high-quality solutions and innovative ideas in which we believe.

The concept’s growth

While preserving the uniqueness of its business model, KLANIK came close to achieving 25% annual growth. In 2011, two years after the head office was founded in MarseillesSophia Antipolis and Montpellier opened their doors. In 2016, Brussels joined the group’s international growth. 2017 and 2018 were our years of national consolidation with the opening of Lyons and Paris. In 2021, KLANIK predicts 20% growth, with the recruitment of 200 engineers and the opening of new offices in France and internationally.