Atypik Company

Our vision

A human company

The challenge and the drive to succeed often put aside the human dimension of a company. At KLANIK, we have a different vision. A challenge is a means to succeed, but in order to face such a challenge, personnal and professionnal levers need to be set up. Our philosophy is quite simple : having our co-workers  at the center of the decision process will allow the company to grow.

An innovative business model

Klanik is based on the well-being and the self realization of its co-workers. We’ve put different programs in place in order to enable our consultants to be fulfilled  and to step in the company. They become the stakeholders and builders of Klanik’s development and success.

Share, Kindness and demand are  values that we share with our co-workers. We consequently base our recruitments on the personality and the potential of our consultants so that they meet the expectations of our added-value projects.


Foundation of Klanik Marseille

Klanik was born on december 8th, 2011 after two major observations : the high turnover of co-workers combined with the feeling of not belonging to the consulting company. Klanik was founded with a deep desire to answer both of these issues.

A former Consultant, Manager then Director in a famous international Consulting Company, our founder has the will to integrate an innovative concept within Klanik.

Confident that a better world exists, our CEO supports a simple idea : Man creates more value when he’s happy.

Innovative solutions

From this assumption, a new business model was born with the implementation of three programs which objective was to support our employees in their activities.

« Co-worker centric », at Klanik we definitely place co-workers at the center of the company and this enables our customers to benefit from quality solutions and the innovative ideas that we believe in.

The concept growth

While maintaining the unicity of its business model, Klanik’s annual growth is close to 50%. Two years after the foundation of the head office in 2011 in Marseilles, Sophia Antipolis and Montpellier agencies were born. In 2016, Paris and Lyon joined the group in its growth. 2016 was an international year with the opening of Miami and Brussels agencies. In 2019, Klanik expects a 30% growth with the recruitment of 100 engineers and the very likely opening of a new office in France.

Key figures