Consulting company specialized in IT, KLANIK accompanies you in your digital transformation projects


These values strong are the foundation of our identity and our atypik konsultants share them and join it. Thus all carrieds in the same dynamics, Klanik is built with committed women and men who feel respected and valued. Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds butis share this capacity to come together to perform collectively. Through innovative development programs professional and staff, they are more of 90%. to recommend Klanik*.

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OUR Digital Expertise

Digital transformation is at the heart of the company’s strategic objectives and investments. To support you, Klanik offers advice and expertise through 5 main areas of expertise: Software, DevOps & Cloud, Big Data & AI, Cybersecurity and Agility.

You benefit from a tailor-made support from the design to the deployment of the solution.


Konsicous is our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement program. Thanks to collective actions in favor of solidarity, the environment, equity and the well-being of our employees, Kounscious participates in the development of the company’s performance and its ability to innovate.