Niveau d’expérience : 5-8 ans

Disponibilité : ASAP

Type de contrat : Freelance

Présentation de la société :

Klanik is an innovative consulting company specialized in IT and engineering with over 300 employees. Klanik built its success by embracing a new management model. Our consultants have the opportunity to involve themselves as an actor within the company throughout 3 programs:

• Act’in Klanik – a catalog of roles which allows each consultant to take part in Klanik and to be reward according to their involvement;

• Knowledge Centre – an internal training center for the consultants by the consultants;

• Korner – a start-up incubator which supports consultants who want to live their entrepreneurial dream.

Klanik focuses on 4 main areas of expertise :

– Application development, where we follow our clients on innovation and strategic subjects;

– DevOps & Cloud, where we assist our clients on methodological and technical aspects;

– Cybersecurity where we assure and enhance the integrity, people, processes and assets by which Klanik achieves its greater mission;

– Data & AI where we help companies in the challenge of processing their data without losing sight of the real business interest of their work.

By joining us, you will be part in the development of a consultant centric company as well as evolve on innovative topics via our mobilized collective intelligence. Finding new talents and ensuring their wellbeing is essential to the company’s strategy

Descriptif du poste :


• Supervision of Datacom networks:
• consult and verify the information and alarms provided by the management systems and network nodes of the different technologies: PDH (NOKIA/Alcatel Newbridge), SDH (NOKIA/Alcatel), PDH+SDH (ABB/Hitachi), DWDM (NOKIA/Alcatel), VOIP (Cisco), IP/MPLS (NOKIA/Alcatel), substation LAN.

• Incident Management:
• first level troubleshooting and correlation of events,
• implementation of work-around solutions if possible (e.g. rerouting of PDH, SDH paths),
• dispatching and follow-up of problems to the technicians (datacom team and/or other teams),
• dispatching and follow-up of problems with vendors of different technologies and service providers.

• Support in the Planning of (fiber) interventions:
• collect and follow-up different planning inputs from different departments, mainly related to planned fiber works (IT Helpdesk for telephony, Datacom for internal projects or maintenance tasks, third party network providers for fibre works, etc.),
• align daily planning between customers, contractors and suppliers.

• Work preparation in case of planned works:
• collection of all necessary information about the involved network,
• make impact analysis on the Datacom network,
• communication of impact analysis to other departments (Dispatching, IT Helpdesk, Asset Management) and external clients (e.g. mobile operators) and act as single point of contact for further follow-up,
• investigate possible redundancy mechanisms (e.g. reroute services) to minimize the impact, and implement those mechanisms in case of planned works.

• Support during execution of planned works:
• remotely follow-up and acceptance of works performed by subcontractors or third parties (for instance by checking alarms on the management systems, checking power levels if possible),
• implement configuration changes if needed,
• work in close collaboration with concerned colleagues,
• restore the network in its original state, if applicable.

• Configuration changes and maintenance requests:
• act as single point of contact for other departments (electrical dispatching, IT helpdesk, Asset Management, …) for Datacom requests (changes, new requests, info),
• handle requests as much as possible in close collaboration with concerned colleagues,
• implement configuration changes and requests. (switch port configuration, etc.)

• Helpdesk Organisation, Information Management and Quality Control:
• share experience in oral and written form with other colleagues via on the job training, workshops and written procedures,
• keep inventories in management systems, excel lists, … up to date,
• participate actively to operation and maintenance improvements.
• punctual network audits and improvements.

Profil :

Required Skills for the profile;

• should hold a bachelor’s degree in electronics, ICT or telecommunications, or have equivalent technical experience in this field,
• must have an all-round practical and operational knowledge of modern LAN and WAN networks and their management: PDH, SDH, DWDM, Ethernet, IP/MPLS, VOIP,
• must have already a few years of experience as a Datacom helpdesk officer,
• must be willing to continuously refine and broaden his technical knowledge of Datacom networks and their management,
• needs to be able to work independently and methodically, have a sense of responsibility and can assess risks accurately,
• needs to be customer-oriented and cope well with stress,
• must be flexible and approachable (tasks may be suddenly interrupted by urgent operational issues),
• must have good communication skills for interacting (mostly via phone) with other colleagues, departments, suppliers, service providers, …
• must be able to speak, read and write Dutch, French and English.

Ce poste est ouvert, à compétences égales, aux personnes en situation de handicap.