Yesterday evening, Klanik Belgium opened their door to external participants to mix perspectives with internal consultants and business managers for a great meetup to deal with Emotion Management.

During that event based on impromptu networking we went through multiple questions and open solutions. From background sharing to daily fears, frustrations, and how to deal with emotions influenced by the context, we also reflected on other existing emotional patterns to break in order to control our thoughts and eventually get the most out from any people interaction. Through active listening, each participant was responsible to make sure he understands its partner he had to discuss with and next to this, all had to cultivate the courage to share and stay who we are independently of any circumstances. That kind of workshop is typically in use in Organizations Transformation for Change Agents to build trust and to perform so group health check point whatever is your job. In case you would like to run a similar workshop by your own, feel free to get in contact with: