Our trades

Area of excellence in Information Technology

Data Value

Data is reachable, we know how to structure and organize it by platforms and processes. Klanik gives an answer to new challenges :

Data acquisition : connect and interface these platforms to get better datas.

Data Science and Analysis : manage data to extract the most relevant informations.

Environment : 3V, 5V, Data minding, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, OLTP, DSS, NoSQL, NewSQL, Hadoop Ecosystem, Mapreduce, Spark, Scala, Mongo DB


User Experience

Well beyond UI and UX approaches, the challenge is to place the end user at the center of the technologic ecosystem to build the most efficient solution for him. Klanik knows how to build this link between the most advanced technologies and the present and future need for the user.

Environment : Angular JS, Node JS, React, Php, Html5, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, CSS3, .Net, IOS, Android, Titanium.


Connected environment

Reachable tools and data  for every company’s employees and / or clients, in compliance with internal and external safety rules. KLANIK meets the challenges of the mobile world today and tomorrow by creating communicative and scalable solutions (infrastructures & applications) while respecting the key confidentiality of the competitiveness of our companies.

Environment : Cloud, security and cyber security, devops, Microsoft, Google, …

Area of excellence in Engineering


Think Technical Together

To federate the engineering professions around the project, the process, the product in the sake of technical and economical competitiveness. Much more than technical skills, Klanik brings its End to End vision of the creation of technical value in order to satisfy the end user.

Environment : Research Unit, method, Supply Chain, Quality control, manufacture, client support, maintenance, Users, Manager, Lean, 6sigma.


Easy to connect

To create communicative and scalable equipments in order to offer manufacturers new means in their search for performance. Klanik builds innovative architectures by integrating the most completed hardware and software technologies to obtain performance, precision, reliability and safety use.

Environment : Industrial IOT, embedded system, FPGA, C, C++, AFDX, Ethernet, Bus CAN, Sigfox, LoRa, Wifi, zigbee, Bluetooth, Mobile.


Manufacturing 4.0

Klanik’s motivation is to support our industry in its new technological revolution. KLANIK designs high-value industrial facilities in the manufacturing and logistics chain. This design is based on the combination of reliable technological means to make it a powerful tool.

Environment : Specific engine, 3D printing, Three-dimensional, telemetry, laser, ultrasound, sensor, optical, 5 axes, automation, IHM, Secutiry, Lean, 6Sigma.

The R&D


Smart Grid and communicative solutions for electric substation

The technical challenge of the projet led by Klanik can be defined by the creation of a system that is capable, with a PC, to get signals called « GOOSE » from a substation, and to filter and/or modify them, then to forward them to another substation in less than 7mins. This equipment has to :  insure communication through protection up to 200 relays  and with SCADAs ; Managing programmable automatisms. Offering an order and supervision interface that is operational and can make decisions.


Big data predictive algorithms

One of the keys to bring supplier and client closer lies in the detection of the best offer to the clients demand. Klanik has thus set up a demonstrator which technological novalty means to implemente different emerging tools, that need to be tested, then to get them live together in order to obtain a consistent and solid software’s architecture. To identify, define and correlate datas that had never been imagined so far. To develop specific algorythms to answer a conceptualized model.


Unconventional optical system’s metrology

The R&D program lead by Klanik includes the following goals : to invent a control system that is original and fast (less than one hour) for the geometry of the segments being manufactured or which have just  been manufactured. To insure the repeatability and the coherence of optical measures in order to guarantee a final distortion and polishing matching the technical features wanted for each segment. To know and to master the measuring conditions and the environmental variations for a precise control of optical aberrations on time scale over several years. To reach a very fine tolerance level for mirrors that integrates doubt completeness of control system’s optical and mechanics components.