Nos Métiers



From the application environment, which includes IS architecture, project management and testing, Klanik is involved in every stage of development. We help you to strengthen your teams by relying on employees who are in line with your technological environment and capable of working on projects in Agile mode. We also guarantee you the mastery of the latest technologies thanks to our continuously trained consultants.

Key profiles: Front/ Back/ Full Stack Dev.

Environments : Java, PhP, Microsoft.Net, Node, Javascript, React, Angular, Python, C++, C, Android Appli, Apple Appli


DevOps & Cloud

To speed up your Time To Market & respond to volatile infrastructure usage, you need to automate the software factory and make infrastructures more elastic and adaptable. Klanik can help you with these main challenges. On the DevOps side, we intervene on the technical, methodological and organisational aspects to get all your teams involved in this transformation. On the Cloud side, Klanik will work with you to define the right strategy to control your migration to the Cloud while managing the ROI in a secure manner.

Key profiles: Product Owrner, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Tech Lead

Environment DevOps: GitLab, Jenkins, Prometheus, Kubernetes, Istio, Docker, Ansible, Grafana, Nutanix

Cloud Environment: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azur, AWS, Nutanix

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Your challenge? To enhance your data while keeping in mind the business objective. Klanik offers you personalised support in the governance, choice and implementation of dedicated solutions to feed new internal/external uses (algo IA, modelling, digital Lab…).

Environment: Mongo DB, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Scala, Talend, R



Faced with a changing threat and to guarantee the security of your new environments, you are looking for a partner capable of protecting your core business and integrating security by design. Klanik assists you in setting up your governance, choosing and implementing solutions.

Key profiles: operational security officer; cyber security engineer, pentester


Think Technical Together

Bringing together engineering skill sets around the project, the processes and the product to ensure technical and financial competitiveness. Above and beyond technical expertise, KLANIK delivers its End to End vision to create technical value to benefit the end user.
Environments: Design office, Working practices, Supply chain, Testing & Quality Control, Manufacturing, Customer Services, Maintenance, Users, Operators, Lean, Six Sigma.


Easy to connect

To create communicating and evolving systems and tools to provide new ways for manufacturers to improve performance. KLANIK builds innovative architectures by integrating the most advanced hardware and software technologies to achieve performance, precision, reliability and security of use.
Environments: IOT Industrial, Embedded System, FPGA, C, C++, AFDX, Ethernet, CAN Bus, Sigfox, LoRa, Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Cellular.


Manufacturing 4.0

The KLANIK mission? To support our industry in its new technological revolution. KLANIK creates manufacturing solutions that can add huge value to the manufacturing and logistics chain. These solutions are created upon reliable technological building blocks to guarantee high-performance tools.
Environments: Special purpose machinery, 3D Printing, Three-dimensional, Telemetry, Laser, Ultrasound, Sensors, Optical, 5 Axis, Automation, HMI, Security, Lean, Six Sigma


Smart Grid & Communication Solutions for electrical sub-stations

The technical challenge of the project led by KLANIK lies in the creation of a system capable, with a PC computer, of receiving “GOOSE” signals from a sub-station, and filtering/modifying them, then sending them to another sub-station in less than 7 mins. This equipment must: guarantee the communication with protection relays (up to 200) and with SCADA. To rotate programmable automation. To provide an interface for control, operational supervision and decision-making.


Big data predictive algorithms

In order to bring the supplier and the client closer, it is vital to identify the best offering in response to user requirements. To achieve this, KLANIK has created a technologically innovative demonstrator with the capacity to implement different tools under development, which are as yet unproven. These tools can then be integrated to create a coherent and robust digital architecture. To identify, to define and to correlate as yet unforeseen data. To develop specific algorithms to meet the needs of a conceptual model.


Metrology of non-conventional optical systems

The R&D program undertaken by KLANIK has the following objectives: to invent an original and rapid (in less than one hour) control system for the geometry of segments in production and post-production. To ensure the repeatability and coherence of optical measurements to guarantee a deformation and final polishing in accordance with the required technical characteristics for each segment. To understand and to manage the measurement conditions and the environmental variations for the precise control of optical aberrations over a time frame of several years. To reach a highly refined tolerance level for mirrors that integrates the entirety of unknown factors of the optical components and the control tool’s workings.