Our expertise


From the application environment, which includes IS architecture, project management and testing, Klanik is involved in each stage of development. We help you strengthen your teams by relying on employees who are in tune with your technological environment and capable of working on projects in Agile mode. We also guarantee you the mastery of the latest technologies thanks to our continuously trained consultants.

Key Profiles : Dévfront/ back/ full Stack 

Technologies : Java, PhP, Microsoft.Net, Node, Javascript, React, Angular, Python, C++, C, Appli Android, Appli Apple  

DevOps & Cloud

To accelerate your Time To Market & respond to the volatile use of infrastructures, you need to automate the software factory and make infrastructures more elastic and adaptable. Klanik supports you in these main challenges. On the DevOps side, we intervene on the technical, methodological and organizational aspects to involve all your teams in this transformation. On the Cloud side, Klanik defines with you the right strategy to control your migration to the Cloud while managing the ROI in a secure manner.

Key profiles : Product OwnerCoach Agile, Scrum Master, Tech Lead 

Environment DevOps : GitLab, Jenkins, Prometheus, Kubernetes, Istio, Docker, Ansible, Grafana, Nutanix 

Environment Cloud: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azur, AWS, Nutanix 

Big Data & AI

Your challenge? Enhance the value of your data while keeping the business objective in mind. Klanik offers you personalized support in the governance, choice and implementation of dedicated solutions in order to feed new internal/external uses (AI algo, modeling, digital Lab, etc.).

Environment: Mongo DB, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Scala, Talend, R 


Faced with a changing threat and to guarantee the security of your new environments, you are looking for a partner capable of protecting your core business and integrating security by design. Klanik assists you in setting up your governance, choosing and implementing solutions.

Key profiles : chargé de sécurité opérationnelle; ingénieur cybersécurité, pentester


At Klanik, agility is intended to release the potential of team members to serve the products they build and support.   To support them in this direction, our work ethic, forged in contact with the field, is based on the following principles:

> Agnosticity towards methods. Adapt to the context above all, because agility is also about freeing yourself from dogma. Give meaning to make you free to trace your way.

> Co-construction of desired changes. Involving the actors concerned is more unifying than trying to convince them. Your exemplarity is your best lever for commitment.

> Celebrating victories and learning. Highlighting each success leads to a virtuous circle of change. Build the psychological security of your employees every day to encourage their audacity.

Key profile : Coach Agile