Location: Bruges

Level of experience: 2-5

Availability: asap

Type of contract: cdi

Company presentation:


A human company

The challenge and the drive to succeed often put aside the human dimension of a company. At KLANIK, we have a different vision. A challenge is a means to succeed, but in order to face such a challenge, personnal and professionnal levers need to be set up. Our philosphy is quite simple : having our co-workers  at the center of the decision process will allow the company to grow.

An innovative business model

Klanik is based on the well-being and the self realization of its co-workers. We’ve put different programs in place in order to enable our consultants to be fulfilled  and to step in the company. They become the stakeholders and builders of Klanik’s development and success. Meritocracy, innovation, creativity, passion and excellence are the keywords and values that we share with our co-workers. We consequently base our recruitments on the personality and the potential of our consultants so that they meet the expectations of our added-value projects.

Job description:

Project & high-level tasks Make and validate applications for our control systems to control our driveline systems accordingly to the needs of our OEM’s, by preparing, implementing, validating and documenting, to have a fully functional and safe product.


Technical competences: 1. The engineer is coached to perform black box verification & validation tests for : a. newly developed control systems (new firmware with new parameter set) b. new application specific configurations (existing firmware with new parameter set) c. new Dashboard PC tool releases and distribution packages to be able to release proper functional control systems. To do so, the engineer will : • perform black box tests on a simulator box • perform black box tests on our testbenches • perform black box tests on a vehicle • perform black box tests on a vehicle @ the OEM customer site • perform FMEA tests on a vehicle @ the company or OEM customer site • Analyse the test results and report to the control system product engineers and developers 2. The engineer is coached by a senior product engineer to implement & document control systems for driveline systems to have the company production environment produce and deliver a fully functional and safe product to the OEM customer. To do so, the engineer will : • make the appropriate configuration (in the form of a parameter file) with the appropriate firmware • make the appropriate prototype & production releases • create the necessary documentation (wiring diagram, user manual, firmware release report, list of activated functions and recommended validation, official release form, …) • perform tuning and start-up of prototype machines at the customer site when needed 3. The engineer is coached to provide the customer (internal and external) fast and correct support to completely answer their questions and solve their problems fast. To do so: The engineer will support the company’s Sales, Production and Service departments worldwide, the internal departments, the OEM customers, the dealer networks. He/she will provide remote service for trouble shooting. He/she will perform root-cause analysis for products failures in the field and validate warrantee issues. He/she will provide training to share knowledge. 4. The engineer is coached to participate in idea generation & execution of new improvement project to increase and secure the efficiency, speed & quality of the different product engineering activities and communication. Typical areas of idea generation and implementation of improvements are process flows (like control systems customizing applications process, Dashboard PC-tool release process, etc.), supporting tools (like “Create-my-APT”, “smartPOD”, etc.), documentation, tracking lists, … 5. The engineer is coached to specify HIL (Hardware In the Loop) verification & validation tests for newly developed control systems and for new application specific configurations (existing firmware with new parameter set) in order to be able to release properly functional control systems. Non-technical competences: • is a team player • has good communication skills (oral, written, presenting) • is eager to share & document knowledge within a team • is customer oriented • is keen to participate in the full process to have his implementations working in a finalized commercial product • is taking initiative • has good analytical skills • is a hands-on person • will work in a global and multi-cultural team, can deal with diversity • is fluent in English (writing & speaking) and Dutch is an advantage Educational degree required: Master in Electro-Mechanics/Mechatronics/Electronics Work experience required: Relevant work experience of minimum 3 years can be an advantage Job-related experience required: The job-related experience requirements are listed in order of priority. • knowledge about embedded control systems • knowledge about test methodologies, systems & tools • knowledge about modern communication technology in vehicles (CAN bus …) • knowledge of measuring equipment & software (like CANape, CANalyzer, Dewetron,...) • knowledge in electronics

Ad reference: MMA_TEST_003