Location: Bruges

Level of experience: 2-5

Availability: asap

Type of contract: cdi

Company presentation:

A human company

The challenge and the drive to succeed often put aside the human dimension of a company. At KLANIK, we have a different vision. A challenge is a means to succeed, but in order to face such a challenge, personnal and professionnal levers need to be set up. Our philosphy is quite simple : having our co-workers  at the center of the decision process will allow the company to grow.

An innovative business model

Klanik is based on the well-being and the self realization of its co-workers. We’ve put different programs in place in order to enable our consultants to be fulfilled  and to step in the company. They become the stakeholders and builders of Klanik’s development and success. Meritocracy, innovation, creativity, passion and excellence are the keywords and values that we share with our co-workers. We consequently base our recruitments on the personality and the potential of our consultants so that they meet the expectations of our added-value projects.

Job description:

The engineer is delegated to develop software architectures in relation with the development process and methodology for embedded systems for controllers used within mechatronic developments for on & off-highway vehicles. The software architecture is based on the requirements provided by the system engineer. The requirements coming from functional safety standards and AUTOSAR requirements are taken into account to do this. The control of the driveline and features on the vehicle is realized with the developed products. The coordinator for functional safety development or a more experienced software architect will define the tasks to be done in the different projects. The deliverables and the documentation created by the engineer are discussed with the coordinator for functional safety development. The progress during the development is regularly reported to and discussed with the coordinator for functional safety development.


Non-technical: • Instills trust: Gaining the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, and authenticity. • Self-development: Actively seeking new ways to grow and be challenged using both formal and informal development channels. • Demonstrates self-awareness: Using a combination of feedback and reflection to gain productive insight into personal strengths and weaknesses. • Nimble learning: Actively learning through experimentation when tackling new problems, using both successes and failures as learning fodder. • Manages complexity: Making sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems. • Ensures accountability: Holding self and others accountable to meet commitments. Educational degree required: Master in Engineering Mechatronics/Informatics/Electronics (Civil Engineer - University) Work experience required: Equivalency up till 5 years would be an advantage Job-related experience required: The needed competences of the engineer are listed in order of priority. The engineer:
  • • has knowledge on object oriented software development
  • • has knowledge on design patterns in software • has knowledge on AUTOSAR • has knowledge on engineering of functional safety • has knowledge on SysML (UML) including OCL • has knowledge on Model Based Software Development • has knowledge on the Mathworks tools like MATLAB-Simulink, Stateflow, … • has knowledge on in-vehicle communication networks like CAN, Flexray, TTP, LIN, … • has knowledge on controls theory • will participate in the continuous improvement of processes and procedures to develop functional safety related products

Ad reference: ARCHI_MMA_004