To start this new year 2020 in beauty and to give you the “best Tips” to find your happiness and well-being, I thought long and hard and made a list of things that could help you find a balance and a sustainable state of mind

  • Practice positive affirmations
  • Exercising gratitude (keeping a gratitude journal)
  • Integrating Ho’oponopono into your life
  • Living and applying the 4 Toltec Agreements
  • Practicing meditation and living mindfully
  • Take care of your body through yoga, running, etc.
  • Renew and reprogram your limiting beliefs
  • Forgive and forgive yourself. Stop judging yourself and others
  • Adopt a loving and caring attitude towards yourself, others and the world in which you live
  • Neutralize your ego and truly accept who you are
  • Take care of your thoughts, remember that they are creative. Positive and productive thinking will help you build the world you want to live in.

As I thought about it further, I came to the conclusion that this list of tools is complete and that any of them can help you. Nevertheless, it will have no value and no effect on you if you have not found your inner peace.


How to reach inner peace? How do you come to terms with a world filled with complexes and lies?

We are more or less convinced that this world is inhabited by people who oppose our projects and hinder our goals. We find it difficult to accept each other, to accept our way of being and react badly to certain situations: this causes irritation and fills us with negativity.

Every thing, every event we experience becomes unsatisfactory. When something doesn’t go the way we want it to, we enter a circle of stress, chaos, torment, pain. Very often, we perceive our lives as something difficult, complicated.

When we hit rock bottom, we look for solutions, for magic recipes to get us out of this world of idleness in order to reconcile our lives and find peace.

We ask ourselves: How to do or how to change this life that does not make us happy? How can we escape our fate or how can we transform things to become happier?

As if we were waiting for a magic result or a button we could press and change everything. Unfortunately this button or this recipe does not exist…This how to do ? does not exist!

This truth is not bad news, on the contrary. This is a wonderful opportunity to allow us to welcome and accept our reality and start living happily in the world as it is because we don’t have to do anything special. It is much simpler than we think.

The only thing we can do to get out of this vicious circle is to accept the present moment, life and each event as it is without making any opposition.

Life is fluid, things happen, everything is perfect and if we don’t know how to accept the good as well as the not so good, if we stay with the conviction that things shouldn’t be the way they are, we won’t manage to find our inner peace.

Does it make sense to deny reality? No, it is as it is and there is no point in trying to change it. If we do not accept it in its entirety we will be condemned to unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Why do we find it so hard to accept our lives as they are? Why do we believe that what happens to us is not good?

Let’s stop for a moment and reflect on our lives as far back as we can remember. Who made us believe that it is not good as it is? Why do we try to compare it with others? On what basis do we judge that it is incorrect or a mistake?

I invite you to analyze, to observe everything you have experienced so far: where does this belief that your life or this person is not good come from? If you observe carefully, it’s all about belief.

If we have difficulty accepting the world in which we live, it is because we are conditioned by a series of assessments that make us judge and question everything around us. Society has organized everything to dominate and control our lives and our way of seeing things.

Putting us in boxes and giving us labels is the big problem of our society today. That’s why we can’t be happy and why we live conditioned by our limiting paradigms.

Our life experience must be lived in all its splendor and with all that we think and feel. The key is to learn to accept it without rejecting it, it is the only way we can reach a state of acceptance and inner peace.

I encourage you today to deprogram yourself, to get rid of all your limiting and erroneous beliefs. If you are able to abandon everything that society has always imposed on you, you will succeed in opening yourself to a stage of consciousness capable of transcending them, in order to truly begin this adventure of living, of having confidence in yourself and in others.

If you desire inner peace, accept each experience that life offers you as a beautiful challenge, as a wonderful opportunity to surpass yourself and to go further in the knowledge of yourself.

The life you have is perfect, its only purpose is to allow you to evolve, to come back to yourself and to find your essence. Everything that happens to you is exactly what you need to experience.

Stop the fictitious ideas, stop the prejudices! Let’s forget everything we have learned since our early childhood. Let’s learn to relive and accept the present moment, to love our life with all that it offers us.

The problem is not our life, but our mind that pollutes us, contaminates us and makes us believe that the things that happen to us are not a source of evolution and learning.

Don’t let your mind control your life, you are able to find happiness, inner peace and everything you dream of. If you want to take a step towards yourself, stop fighting, surrender to total acceptance and observe your thoughts as if they were not your own.

“We are what we think. All that we are is the result of our thoughts. With our thoughts, we build our world” – Buddha.

Claudia Reynaud