Act’in Klanik

At Klanik, we want our co-workers to be part of the company’s life and growth. That’s why we have set up the Act’In Klanik, a roles’ catalogue made by and for our team. In this way, each one has the opportunity to be involved in a topic that he really cares for.

The Act’In Klanik represents our will to place our co-worker at the center of the decision process. The catalogue displays the DNA of our consulting company, 70% of our consultants participate.

This novative program enables our co-workers to blossom and be involved within Klanik as the company evolves through their passions and ideas. The Act’In Klanik is a catalogue that evolves according to our co-workers needs and desires. They can choose and create their role so that it can reveal their personality. In addition to creating value, our consultants become stakeholders of the group’s growth thanks to their skills. Our catalogue currently contains three major roles’ categories : functional roles, technical roles and event roles.

Knowledge Center

Based on innovative and excellence values, our in house training center enables our co-workers to share and widen their knowlegde. The Knowledge Center is part of our business model and places the co-worker at the center of the company.

Our in house training center has a double mission : offer training courses in various fields but also give our consultants the possibility of training their colleagues.

The training courses are free for all our co-workers. They allow to deepen the professional fields with technical training courses, such as Big data or design patterns, but also personal fields with cross and linguistic training courses.


Korner, the start-up incubator made by Klanik, was born from the values of our business model : excellence, creativity and innovation.

France has a pool of talented and inventive entrepreneurs who look for perfection in their field of expertise and cannot see their project succeed for different reasons (financial, technical, logistic and human reasons).

The goal of our incubator is to support them in the achievement of their entrepreneurial dream by providing them with the necessary tools for the success of their projects.

At Klanik, we work on projects with high technological added value because we wish to give impulse to innovations related to new technologies.