Atypik Model

Act’in Klanik

At Klanik, we want our co-workers to be part of the company’s life and development. This is why we have created Act’In Klanik, an innovative program that enables them to channel their passions and ideas to get involved at the heart of KLANIK. Alongside their projects, our consultants are free to choose the role, or roles, that are a perfect match. Around thirty of these roles are set out in a catalogue, which is constantly being developed according to the wishes and needs of our co-workers:

  • Technical roles (e.g. technical evaluator, technical trainer, etc.),
  • Support roles (e.g. newsletter editor, schools liaison consultant, etc.),
  • Event roles (e.g. Klanik events planner, etc.).

All these roles are quantified, with set objectives, and financially evaluated to reward all added value that is created.

With this program, our consultants play a role in the group’s development thanks to their skills and what drives them. Act’In Klanik is part of our consultancy business’s DNA; currently 70% of our consultants are involved.

Knowledge Center

Based on the values of innovation and excellence, our in-house training center enables our co-workers to broaden and to share their knowledge. The Knowledge Center is an integral part of our business model and places co-workers at the center of the company.

Our in-house training center has a double mission:

  • To offer nearly 40 training courses in diverse fields,
  • To give our consultants the opportunity to become a trainer.

The training courses are offered free for all our co-workers. They enable those who wish to take part to develop a deeper understanding of professional fields with technical training courses, such as Big Data or development, and support roles through training on project management or extra-professional development.

In the first semester of 2020, the Knowledge Center counted:

  • 17 sessions, including 9 technical, 7 cross-discipline and 1 Atypikaltraining course
  • 250 participants

75% of our training courses are useful for our co-workers in their personal life


KORNER is a support structure for the creation of start-ups.

The objective is to create technical and financial added value in the domains of IT and engineering to help successful start-ups to flourish.

To achieve this, KORNER provides the ideas people with a weekly catch-up with our teams, access to numerous training courses, coaching, mentoring and many additional services thanks to our partnerships.

At Klanik, we work on projects with high technological added value because we wish to boost innovation with a link to new technologies.