Atypik company

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For 10 years, KLANIK has been reinventing the place of the engineer in the modern company:

An atypical vision

A human company

The challenge and the will to succeed often put aside the human dimension of a company. At Klanik, our vision is different. Of course, challenge is a vector for success, but to be able to do so, it is fundamental to put in place levers for personal and professional development.

Our philosophy is simple: we must place our employees at the center of the decision-making process so that the company can evolve.


An innovative business model

Klanik is based on the well-being and fulfillment of its employees. This is why we have set up various programs that allow our consultants to accomplish themselves and to participate in the company. They become the actors and the builders of the evolution and the success of KLANIK.

Sharing, Kindness and Requirement are the values that we share with our collaborators. We thus focus our recruitments so that they can meet the needs of our high added value projects, by selecting our consultants for their personality and their potential.

Within the framework of our CSR approach, KLANIK is committed to the integration of disabled people. A privileged interlocutor is at the disposal of all the collaborators to open the dialogue, to advise and guide each concerned person.

At the same time, Klanik obtained a score of 98/100 (Women-Men Equal Pay Index), reflecting the commitment made for several years to promote equality between women and men in the company. *

KLANIK holds the MASE certification for the Provence agency. The MASE is a management system whose objective is the permanent and continuous improvement of the performances Safety Health Environment of the companies.


* Publication of the index provided for by the decree 2019-15 of January 8, 2019 relating to the Equal pay for women and men.