I was given the chance with Klanik to be able to go to DotJS 2018 in Paris. The ambience was as usual relax and friendly. Many speakers some known and some unknown but all definitely worth the trip. I got to grasp a feel of what would be the future of Javascript and it is promising 😉

Everything started with a talk of Sacha Greif talking about the state of javascript in 2018. The main subject of the talk was analysing the 2018 results of the stateofjs.com survey on the main frameworks. According to the results, Angular seems to be losing ground against React and VueJS. VueJS has had a tremendous increase in the number of users and the trend seems to be keeping on the same track. Those results need to be taken with hindsight as John Papa suggested in his own talk.
Choosing your framework between Angular, React or VueJS will be mainly a choice of how you feel with the framework and how it makes you productive as all of them possess the main desired features (component based, global store management, testing ecosystem) . Some projects will suit some framework and some others will suit another one, therefore at the end all comes down to choosing the one that makes you productive.

Many lightning talks allowed the community to have a glance at some best practices sharing around javascript development such as web fonts lazy loading, arduino USB connection and off screen canvas display avoiding the main thread to be able to load videos or images without having any page freeze issues.

So many valuable information shared such as yarn’s new package management suggestion that should enhance package load time by flat mapping all the packages in a js map.

Another trend in the community is to try and speed up code execution by using Rust or WebAssembly for cost effective blocks.
Some games such as Minecraft are been rewritten for some parts in HTML/CSS/Javascript on top of Hummingbird in order to benefit from the ever growing and productive Javascript community….

Many thanks go to the organizers of this awesome European meetup, to the partners for sharing there knowledge and practices, to the speakers for there involvement in the community and there experience sharing and nevertheless to this awesome community of Javascript developers.

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